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We consider the environment when it comes to our telecommunication solutions.

Three major initiatives that successfully promote our Go Green initiative include;

Video Tutorials. Many organizations produce large paper based manuals and documents. We have created and will continue to expand our video user based learning center. The video’s focus on call routing features, setting up voicemail and phone service features and more...

Fax to email solution. The fax remains an important tool for specific industry segments. We have taken the fax solution one step farther by pushing faxes to email mailboxes. Not only does this provide our clients with better recording keeping and distribution processes but we eliminate the need for paper.

Online Portal. Our online portal is a one stop site, that enables our customers to access invoice and billing details. The dependency on paper mail being reduced.

Overall Telair is aware of the burden on the environment and is making positive strides to ensure, as an organization we take the responsible action to improve how we use technology and preserve our resources.

If you have any questions regarding our Go Green initiative please email